Westcoast floors Offers the Best Flooring in Surrey

Westcoast floors Offers the Best Flooring in Surrey

Are you seeking flooring in Surrey to help you turn your dingy floor into something more lovely and luxurious? If that’s the case, stay reading to discover one of the top flooring in Surrey.
Nowadays, everyone is opting for a more classical kind of flooring. Choosing the best floor for you or choosing from a vast number of possibilities, on the other hand, might be challenging. As a result, Westcoast Flooring is here to assist Surrey residents in obtaining their ideal floors.

Many individuals prefer engineered laminate or vinyl plank flooring because they are fashionable flooring options. Westcoast offers both alternatives because Westcoast offers the best flooring in Surrey.

Engineered laminate flooring, often known as engineered hardwood flooring, comprises a solid core of superior, dimensionally stable plywood with a thin hardwood veneer on top. The veneer is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 4.5 mm.
Westcoast Floors offers some of the best-engineered laminate flooring in Surrey.
Engineered flooring is designed to be laid over a subfloor because it is a floor covering. Engineered hardwood comes in panels that connect side-to-side with tongue and groove construction, similar to solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is bonded or fastened to the subfloor.

When properly cared for, premium engineered flooring from Westcoast floors with a thick veneer can last 20 to 50 years. Engineered laminate flooring has a dimensionally stable base core made of high-quality plywood. This means that when set perpendicular to each other, the plywood’s layers withstand swelling and expansion better than laminate or even solid hardwood when exposed to water.
Although engineered flooring can peel and gouge, minor scratches can be removed by carefully sanding the veneer.

Engineered flooring is the ideal option for a floor covering that looks just like natural hardwood but is easier to maintain.

Best flooring in Surrey

Westcoast offers engineered laminate flooring and the best vinyl plank flooring in Surrey.
Vinyl plank flooring gained popularity because it closely resembled wood plank flooring, even more so than plastic laminate flooring. However, there has been an explosion of vinyl plank flooring options in recent years, including goods that resemble ceramic and porcelain and natural stone such as marble and granite. Rather than planks, stone-look materials are frequently fashioned in tiles.

Instead of the usual square tile shapes, vinyl plank floors come in long, narrow strips. However, this is a different product in terms of structure. Sheet vinyl is a flexible vinyl with a printed top layer that is protected by a clear wear layer, whereas vinyl plank flooring is a multi-ply product with four layers:

  • A thin layer of aluminum oxide protects the surface from light scratches and scuffs.
  • A coating of clear film that protects against ripping and tearing.
  • A design layer that gives wood or stone a photo-realistic appearance.
  • A somewhat hard vinyl backing layer that accounts for over 90% of the total thickness of luxury vinyl.

Planks of vinyl flooring are usually 48 or 36 inches long. The width of most planks is around 6 inches, while some are as large as 7 3/4 inches. This is one of the less difficult floors to keep clean. Simple daily sweeping and weekly damp mopping with a light detergent and mop or with cleaning pads is recommended by most manufacturers.

Westcoast Floors offers vinyl plank flooring in hundreds of colors and designs. It is considered superior flooring to sheet vinyl and laminate flooring by interior designers and real estate specialists, although it is still far less prestigious than solid hardwood or porcelain tile.

About Westcoast floors

Westcoast Floors & Floors Ltd is a high-end laminate, hardwood, and engineered hardwood flooring company. They specialize in offering you high-quality flooring at some of the most affordable prices accessible.

Westcoast Floors has a fantastic assortment, competitive pricing, and good customer service. They handle everything from shipping to pulling up and disposing of old flooring to installing new laminate flooring, baseboards, and transitions. They show up for appointments on schedule (to give you an estimate, take measurements, and then install), communicate well, and execute the job as promised.

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